President of the Council

Message from the President

2021 marks the commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the Council and the start of its sixth term of office.

I remember vividly the moment I was elected as the sixth President of the Council, overwhelmed by a sense of surprise and delight. On the one hand, I am grateful for the trust my fellow Councilors have placed in me, offering me this unique opportunity to contribute to KROSA by serving as President of the Council.

However, I cannot help but feel burdened with heavy responsibilities. My predecessors are all capable individuals whose exceptional leadership has led to the many successes KROSA has enjoyed over the past decade. The presidency is often inspected closely with many expectations. I questioned whether I had the necessary experience and capability for this position. To preserve this incredible legacy and lead it to new heights.

Therefore, I am ever more grateful for the Kowloon Region Heads Association, the Hong Kong Youths Unified Association, and other board members who have provided me with unlimited support and encouragement since the beginning of my term. The mutual trust and sense of cooperation among Councilors have also laid a solid foundation for the sixth term of the Council.

When I ran in the Kowloon Region Outstanding Students Election, I was met with nothing but warmth and sincerity. Since then, I began to serve as a member of the sub-committee and Vice President in the Council. While I am grateful for the experience, it is the friendships I have forged that I hold dearest to my heart. Therefore, passing its spirit to my fellow members serves not solely as my duty but live as my goal for the term.

The former administration concluded its term under the pandemic, and the new administration will also start a new page under the pandemic. The Council is prepared to rise against unprecedented challenges, to diversify our services for students in Kowloon, and to embark on the next exciting decade of KROSA.

On behalf of the Council, I wish you good health and smooth sailing in life!

Ms Karithy LEE Ka Ching

6th President of the Council